You said, we did

Housing - 'Exclusion' Repairs

23 January 2016

What you said

Residents expressed concerns with what the Council describes as ‘exclusion repairs’. The word ‘exclusion’ gave residents the impression that they would be ‘excluded’ and would not receive repairs based on this wording.

What we did

We realised we needed to explain this in simpler terms to our tenants as this is  a word that we use internally for managing our repairs contract and with our contractor Mears.

“Exclusion repairs” are works that fall outside of the standard repairs contract that Mears undertake. This does not mean that the repairs will not be done but it does mean they need approval from the Council before they go ahead.  The reason for this is so the repairs can be reviewed and where possible put together into one ‘batched’ programme to achieve cost savings which are to be actioned in a 6 month period by the council  or it might be that the repair needs to be completed as part of one of our planned programmes such as the  “Transforming Homes programme”

We have written an explanation note that more clearly explains what ‘exclusion repairs’ are and how they might be addressed. The wording has been reviewed by the Customer Excellence Panel, which is made up of Thurrock Council tenants and service users. The panel confirmed that it was worded clearly and suitable for use as guidance for our tenants.  This revised wording is now going to be used on the Councils website and by call centre agents taking incoming calls from our residents.

How we expect our service to get better

Residents will have a clearer understanding of how we deliver the repairs service to them and when they can expect their repairs to be completed.  

This should reduce the need for residents to telephone in further chasing their repairs or with concerns

Further improve the communication and interaction with our residents