You said, we did

Housing - Repairs

16 May 2016

What you said

A recent complaint received from a resident expressed concerns with regards to the timeframes/delays that had been experienced in regards to repairs being undertaken to a damaged pathway.

What we did

As a result of this complaint, a full review of the repair records was undertaken.

This review identified that several appointments had been made, however records were not updated with outcomes of these visits.  In addition to this, poor communication with the resident had resulted in the concerns being escalated, which could have been prevented.

Key learning has been identified as a result, which include the following;

  • The Customer Care team within our repairs partnering contractor Mears will arrange refresher training for all staff

  • Daily reports which show job orders that will show as overdue within the next 7 days will be reviewed

How we expect our service to get better

The refresher training will ensure that all staff are aware of the processes with regards to updating job orders with required information and the overall management of work orders.  This will allow for residents to be updated with current and relevant information in regards to the status of job orders and improve the overall communication with residents and between colleagues.

A daily review of reports which show job orders overdue within the next 7 days will allow for our partnering contractors Planning and Administration Team to review these orders, prior to them going overdue, and will allow for any issues to be picked up in advance for swift progression and resolution.