You said, we did

Libraries - Quiet Zones

26 March 2018

What you said

A complaint was received because there are no quiet areas in libraries which allow for visitors to be able to study / work.

What we did

A review of the complaint was undertaken and the library supervisor has liaised with the Centre Manager as it is recognised that a modern library is now combined with a community hub/centre.  However, it was agreed that an area where a quiet zone can be created, with new furniture to be purchased.  This is to be implemented by May 2018.

How we expect our service to get better

This complaint provided valuable feedback on how well the council are providing services to our residents and visitors. It is expected that service improvements will be made which will ensure that all libraries are equipped with areas that provide suitability for all users, including quiet areas for study and reading, areas for story time for children and areas for homework.