The Cabinet and its members

The Cabinet includes the Leader of the Council and 7 other councillors. Each cabinet member is responsible for a policy area, known as a portfolio.

Cabinet responsibilities

The Cabinet is responsible for:

  • publishing a forward plan that gives at least 28 days notice about the key decisions it will take
  • making most of the council's main budget and policy decisions
  • recommending the budget and important policies for the council to agree on
  • deciding certain policies
  • carrying out important plans and strategies

Members of the Cabinet

The current members of the Cabinet and their portfolios are listed below:

Cabinet member Portfolio
Councillor Rob Gledhill
Leader of the Council
Cabinet member for Housing
Councillor Shane Hebb
Deputy Leader of the Council
Cabinet member for Finance
Councillor Mark Coxshall Cabinet member for Regeneration
Councillor James Halden Cabinet member for Education and Health
Councillor Brian Little Cabinet member for Transport
Councillor Susan Little Cabinet member for Social Services
Councillor Deborah Huelin Cabinet member for Performance and Central Services
Councillor Aaron Watkins Cabinet member for Environment