Car sharing

About car sharing

Reducing the number of cars on our roads doesn’t have to mean we stop driving altogether. There are a number of ways to keep using cars and reduce car ownership and mileage.

Car sharing, or car pooling, is when 2 or more people travel together by car and share the cost of their journey. Car sharing:

  • saves money for driver and passengers
  • reduces the number of cars on the road
  • cuts pollution, congestion and demand for parking spaces

There are several websites and apps that can help you connect with other people who would like to car share. They will:

  • try to match you with someone travelling the same journey on the same date
  • offer advice on concerns such as trust, safety and insurance

Car clubs

Car clubs work by giving members access to a car on a short-term rental basis, and charging by the hour or the day. You can book a car online or by phone and then unlock it from a designated bay in your local neighbourhood.

More information

Find out more from the sustainable transport charity website, Sustrans: car clubs and car sharing.