Carers assessment

Thurrock carer's assessments

A carer's assessment gives you a chance to share your feelings and needs as a carer. It does not judge your ability as a carer, but you can talk about things that might make being a carer easier.

Any carer over the age of 18 is entitled to a carer's assessment. The assessment is free and is carried out by a carers support worker. It looks at how being a carer affects your everyday life, including:

  • your health
  • time away from caring
  • work and leisure activities
  • help and support you can get

During your assessment, the support worker can suggest ways of get support that could help you. They can also assist in organising support, if both you and the person you care for agree.

The benefits of having a carer's assessment

Benefits of a carer's assessment include:

  • a dedicated support worker
  • emotional and practical support
  • help to find services and support groups
  • receiving regular information specific to you from Thurrock Carers Service

You may also be eligible for a carer's Personal Budget and Direct Payment. A Personal Budget is the amount of money it would cost to pay for all the support services you need. Depending on your circumstances, we may pay towards your Personal Budget – in some cases, we may pay all of it.

There is no charge for the information and advice we provide. There may be a cost for some of the support services that could help you continue caring, but you do not have to accept any of these. Services from a local voluntary organisation are more likely to be free of charge.