Child pedestrians

Child pedestrian training

We provide road safety education and resources to all schools in Thurrock.

We work in every primary school to deliver pedestrian training for parents and carers of reception pupils, and supervised training walks for year 3 and year 6 pupils.

Reception age walks for parents or carers and their child

At reception age, we invite parents to join their children on a walk. Many parents believe they are teaching adequate road safety and this walk is an opportunity to understand how much or how little their children know.

The talk is addressed to the adults, so only pupils of attending parents or carers take part.

Topics covered include:

  • child development
  • crossing skills
  • driveways
  • pavements
  • seatbelts

This walk is available to each new intake into the school, making sure that all children are included.

Year 5 walks

For this age group we offer several activities, which have topic-related follow-up work:

  • traffic survey – each group has 10 minutes on a base, recording a tally of passing vehicle types and recording speeds using a speed gun – follow-up work includes geography and maths and we offer a teacher notes pack with ideas
  • danger walk – each pupil imagines they are responsible for a younger child and records all danger present on the walk – this is an interesting way to raise awareness
  • mapping walk – each pupil draws a map of the circular route walked – in addition to mapping skills, this activity also encourages safer route planning and environment awareness