Driver improvement

Driver improvement scheme

The driver improvement scheme is offered to some drivers as an alternative to prosecution for certain traffic offences.

The scheme allows drivers to improve not only their driving skills, but their general attitude to driving and other road users. Drivers who complete the course are less likely to be involved in crashes in the future. They will come away feeling they've learned something that can help prevent future accidents.


Courses are run to a nationally-agreed programme. Drivers need to attend for a day-and a-half at your own expense. Once they've completed the course, they will avoid getting penalty points on your licence.

There is a theory session for the first morning, which includes group exercises dealing with attitudes to driving and improving anticipation of traffic dangers. This is followed after lunch by a practical on-road training session conducted by Department of Transport approved driving instructors. The second morning there's on-road practical training, a Highway Code test and a de-briefing session.