Fire safety at home

Know what to do

Every second counts when fire strikes, so knowing how to get your family safely out of your home could be the difference between a close shave and tragedy.

Plan an escape route

Your escape route should be as simple as possible. You should:

  • make a plan
  • practice your escape route with your family and friends
  • keep your escape route clear so there are no obstacles to slow you down

You should also:

  • test smoke alarms on each level of your home every month
  • make sure everyone in the house – including friends and family who may stay over – knows where all keys to doors and windows are kept

Get out, stay out, call the fire service out

If fire strikes in your home, you need to get out, stay out and call the fire service out. That means:

  • keep calm and act quickly to get everyone out as soon as possible
  • don't lose time investigating what's happened or trying to rescue pets or valuables
  • if there is smoke keep low where the air is clearer
  • before you open a door check if it's warm – if it is, don't open it as it means there's a fire on the other side
  • call 999 as soon as you are clear of the building – 999 calls are free