Flag flying

Flag flying policy

The Union Flag will be flown at full mast all year at any Thurrock Council site within the borough that has a designated flagpole. The Union Flag must always be flown in accordance with guidance notes from the Flag Institute.

In addition:

  • where there are 2 or more flagpoles, the Union Flag should be flown in accordance with British flag protocol
  • flags that are flown 24-hours a day must be illuminated at night
  • any changes to usual flag flying arrangements must be carried out at dawn and dusk in line with usual protocol

The St George flag and the Investors in People (IiP) flag are flown on the flagpoles at the Civic Offices in New Road, Grays.

The flags will fly at full mast on Remembrance Sunday. The IiP flag will be replaced by the Royal British Legion flag on the Sunday prior to 11 November and will fly until Armistice Day.

Other flags may be flown in place of the IiP flag on occasions such as Armed Forces Day and as agreed by the mayor or chief executive.

Flying flags at half mast

Half mast means the flag is flown two-thirds of the way up the flagpole, with at least the height of the flag between the top of the flag and the top of the flagpole. The Union Flag will be flown at half mast on the following occasions:

  • the death of a member of the monarchy, the prime ministers, or others in accordance with British flag protocol
  • the death or funeral of a serving officer in the armed forces from the borough
  • the death or funeral of a freeman of the borough, mayor, former mayor or member of the council
  • at the discretion of the mayor or chief executive

When a flag is to be flown at half-mast it should first be raised all the way to the top of the mast, allowed to remain there for a second and then be lowered to the half-mast position. When it is being lowered from half-mast it should again be raised to the top of the mast for a second before being fully lowered.

When a British national flag is at half-mast, other flags on the same stand of poles should also be at half mast or should not be flown at all.

Borough flag on the mayoral car

The borough flag on the mayor's car is flown until the car reaches the boundary of the borough, at which point it should be taken down. This is so that offence is not caused whilst driving through other districts.

Questions and approval

No flag flying activity by, or on behalf of the council, is to be undertaken without the approval of the mayor. The mayor or chief executive will be consulted on all matters relating to flag protocol and any questions should be submitted in writing to the mayor's office:

Mayor's office
Thurrock Council, Civic Offices, New Road, Grays, RM17 6SL

: mayors.office@thurrock.gov.uk