Reporting fly-posting

Fly-posting is the illegal placement of promotional signs, posters or stickers on walls, street furniture, public spaces, highways or private property. Fly-posting makes an area look untidy and can damage property.

We remove fly-posting from council-owned property, such as street lights and railings, as part of our street cleaning on a 10 working-day schedule.

Report fly-posting on council-owned property

If you report fly-posting on council-owned property, we will remove the promotional material and may take legal action against those responsible.

Report fly-posting

Legal promotions

Certain types of promotional material are allowed, including signs and posters advertising:

  • church bazaars
  • fêtes for parent-teacher associations
  • sponsored marathons in aid of charity
  • amateur sports events (not for commercial purposes)

These advertisements must not be displayed more than 14 days before the event and must be removed 7 days after the event.