Freedom of information response

A1013 J/W Buckingham Hill Road

Publication date: 
Thursday 9 April 2020

I am requesting an explanation as to why the junction of A1013 Stanford Road with Buckingham Hill Road has been controlled under temporary/portable traffic signals for the past year or more, in light of the significant impact that it has on traffic flows in the area.

I would also like an estimated figure of the amount of taxpayer money that has been wasted on the hire of these signals?


The signal improvement scheme at the junction of the A1013 Stanford Road and Buckingham Hill Road is being implemented on behalf of the Council by Persimmon Homes, to mitigate the impact of the Bata Fields Development in East Tilbury. This was secured pursuant to Section 106 of the T&CPA1990, and is a scheme that is fully funded by developer contribution.

The scheme was advanced in consultation and approval from the Local Highways Authority and implemented on site in accordance with the approved plans. However, during construction, the Statutory undertakers were required to sign off the diversion works undertaken; one of which, BT, declined to sign off the scheme following dispute over the construction of the two BT stat boxes located in the vicinity. As a result, BT has requested that the roadway over these boxes are not opened to the flow of traffic until this has been resolved.

BT has agreed with the Developer, in consultation with the Highways Authority, to undertake the works directly and is currently being programmed for implementation in the coming months. The Highways Authority has therefore been in dialogue with the Developer to alter the signals to take into account the need to restrict traffic flow over the stat boxes and an interim scheme is being developed to enable the permanent lights to be commissioned.

With regards to the ongoing costs, nothing has been incurred by the Council and any temporary measures on site are at the expense of the developer, Persimmon Homes. Any design changes and supervision on site, which incurs a charge to the Authority, is also being met by the Developer in line with the terms of the Highways Agreement pursuant to Section 278 of the Highways act 1980.

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