Freedom of information response

Adult Social Care

Publication date: 
Thursday 5 November 2020

1. The lowest and highest (based on the standard daytime week-day rate) charge rates per hour of domiciliary care charged to the local authority for Adult Social Care commissioned through private domiciliary care providers.

2. When you anticipate re-tendering for:
a. Homecare services for Adult Social Care
b. Supported Living services for Adults
c. Extra Care services for Adults
d. Learning Disability services
e. Mental Health support services

3. The names of the current Domiciliary Care Providers commissioned in your authority to deliver Adult Social Care.

4. The contact name, email address and contact number of the person responsible for commissioning domiciliary care services in your authority.

5. The number of service users currently receiving a direct payment within your local authority as well as the number of average hours per week.

6. Is the local authority currently working with health partners to commission any of the above care services, and if so, who are they?

7. The authority’s current market positioning statement for Adult Social Care.


1. £17.06

a. 2022
b. A Framework is being developed but no agreed date for tendering
c. 2023
d. 2022
e. 2022


Rossy Care Ltd

Cera Care Ltd

Morah Services Ltd

Guardian Home Care UK Ltd

Manor Court Home Care

Metropolitan Care Services

Pineapple Care Services Ltd

Rosemont Care Ltd

4. ASCcommissioning:

5.  Number of service users: 468, Average number of hours: 260.72

6. No

7. Please see following web link:

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