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Animals that need caring because of COVID 19

Publication date: 
Monday 11 May 2020

Official Government advice states that anyone with horses, livestock or other animals (except for cats and dogs) should call their local authority if they are too unwell to care for their animals due to Covid-19 and if they don’t have anyone to help them. The official advice is contained at this webpage, which I last accessed on 13th April 2020: Please can you advise:

1.  Has the local authority received any calls of the above nature?

a.  If this information is held, please advise which species help has been requested for.

2.  What is the local authority’s official response to such calls for help?

3.  What arrangements has the local authority made, or planned to make, for those animals that cannot be cared for by owners in the above circumstances?

a.  Please describe the nature of any temporary arrangements that may be being made. Please break this down by species and/or animal type if appropriate.

b.  Please describe the nature of any permanent arrangements that may be being made. Please break this down by species and/or animal type if appropriate.

4.  How much financial resource does the local authority have access to help people with animals in the above circumstances?

a.  Is this being provided by the local authority itself or by central Government?


1. No

a. N/A

2. N/A so far however we would co-ordinate a response as required

3. We are proactively ensuring that livestock holders in the area have contingency plans in place.

a. N/A

b. We will help and work with other bodies to co-ordinate a response to such situations as and when they arise. We continue to check that contingency plans are in place and those keepers that declare they are without plans will be assisted by the correct body for their specific needs.

4. There is no specific funding for this being provided either by the LA or Government.

a. Unknown

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