Freedom of information response

Aveley and Uplands Case Work Figures

Publication date: 
Monday 17 August 2020

With regards to Councillor case work relating to the Aveley and Uplands Ward,

1) How many cases have been logged with Member Services by the elected Councillors for the ward for the period 1st May 2019 until 30th June 2020
2) How many cases for the ward and period mentioned above were logged by Councillor Spillman
3) How many cases for the ward and period above were logged by Councillor Van Day
4) How many cases for the ward and period above were logged by Councillor Churchman


1) 40 cases have been logged on our members enquiries system.

2/3/4) Unfortunately we are unable to provide in full the information you have requested.  We do hold the information but an absolute exemption applies. This exemption is Personal Information Section 40 (2).

Personal data of any other person (third party data) is exempt under section 40(2) if disclosure would breach one of the data protection principles. This aspect of Section 40 is an Absolute Exemption and is therefore not subject to the Public Interest Test.

Individual councillors are not public authorities for the purposes of the FOI Act. When councillors write to the council this correspondence would be considered as personal information about themselves and/or their constituents that they represent and therefore subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Information can be withheld if its disclosure would be likely to breach one or more of the Principles of the Data Protection Act. A disclosure made under FOI constitutes a publication to the world at large. We believe that to disclose this would be likely to breach the first Principle of the Data Protection Act by unfairly contravening their right to privacy and confidentiality.

However, in the interests of transparency we have already shared the total number of enquires made by councillors for the period requested.

Please be advised that in addition to the above, the number of enquiries captured on our central system from each Member will vary due to a number of reasons and some examples as to why are shown below:

  • Not all Members raise their enquiry through the same channels. For example some go direct to an officer and these are not recorded.
  • Some Members will work with their constituents to assist them to raise their issues direct with the council (e.g. via on-line self-serve processes).
Request reference:
FOI 10133