Freedom of information response

Business rates

Publication date: 
Tuesday 14 January 2020

Please provide on the assessment below

  • the dates of any empty periods
  • the periods of any exemptions
  • the ratepayer name(s) – excluding those exempt under Section 40 of the Act.

from 1 April 2016.

Yard adjacent to Unit 15 Baldwins Farm Industrial Estate, Dennises Lane, Upminster, Essex, RM14 2XB – BA reference 1564201793209.


01/04/2016 to 01/05/2017 – D Pickton Services Ltd (Dissolved) – No exemption or empty periods

02/05/2017 to 09/04/2018 – Baldwins Plant Hire Limited (Dissolved) – No exemption or empty periods

10/04/2018 to 17/07/2018 – PCS Recycling Ltd (In liquidation) – No exemption or empty periods

18/07/2018 to 07/02/2019 – RT Plant Washing Services Ltd – No exemption or empty periods

08/02/2019 to Present – Sole Trader Section 40 exemption applies (please see below) - empty with effect from 08/02/2019  present

Unfortunately we are unable to provide in full the information you have requested. We do hold the information but an absolute exemption applies. Personal Information (Section 40,2)

Personal data of any other person (third party data) is exempt under section 40(2) if disclosure would breach of the data protection principles. This aspect of Section 40 is an Absolute Exemption and is therefore not subject to the Public Interest Test. 

This means we have balanced the legitimate interests of the public in having access to the information (under FOI a disclosure is a publication to the world at large) against the interests of the individual under the first principle of the Data Protection Act.

The addresses requested are personal data specific to the occupiers.  It is therefore subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Information can be withheld if its disclosure would be likely to breach one or more of the Principles of the Data Protection Act. There is no prior expectation that their addresses would be published into the wider public domain under FOI. A disclosure made under FOI constitutes a publication to the world at large.

You are free to use any information supplied to you for your own use, including non-commercial research purposes. However, any other type of re-use, for example, by publishing the information or issuing copies to the public will require the permission of the copyright owner.

Where the copyright is owned by Thurrock Council, you must apply to the Council to re-use the information. Please email if you wish to re-use the information you have been supplied. For information where the copyright is owned by another person or organisation, you must apply to the copyright owner to obtain their permission.

Request reference:
FOI 9648