Freedom of information response

Care home deaths / COVID-19

Publication date: 
Thursday 28 May 2020
  1. How many residents from the council’s publicly funded care homes have died, in situ, in care home placements since 01/04/2020 as of the date of response to this FOI?
  2. Of those, how many had formal Care Act care plans drawn up by the council or a lawfully authorised delegate of the s24 Care Act function?
  3. Of all those residents who died, how many does the council believe were tested and proved positive for COVID-19 before their deaths, either in the care home or at hospital? Please state the figures for both those tested and of those, how many proved positive.
  4. How many of those who have died were hospitalised before they died?
  5. How many of the deaths occurred after readmission to the care home, subsequent to hospital discharge?
  6. How many of those deaths subsequent to discharge from hospital were ever re-tested and proved negative? Please state the figures for both those tested and of those, how many proved negative.
  7. Since 07/04/2020, how many requests for IMCAs were made for incapacitated people for exploring best interests decisions regarding Respect/DNAR documentation or decisions about not seeking admission to hospital?
  8. Since 07/04/2020, how many safeguarding referrals were received from family members citing concerns about refusals by Care Home Managers or NHS staff to get care home residents (publicly funded or privately funded) to hospital?






Not Known

None referred by Thurrock Council, as this would be a medical decision, therefore referral should be made by GP or hospital team.


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