Freedom of information response

Child Performance Licensing

Publication date: 
Tuesday 21 April 2020

1. How many child performance licences in total were issued per month between January 2019 and December 2019? Please can you supply the number for each month.

2. How long in total does it take for completion of a child performance licence? As in from the time of receipt of all documentation to the issue of the licence.

3. What is involved in the process to issue each licence? For example, which checks need to take place, who needs to be contacted/notified.


1. A total of 231 Performance Licences were issued between Jan-Dec 2019

Breakdown by month is not available, but the total can be broken down as follows:

79 boys, 138 girls, 14 BOPA

2. Thurrock Council require 7 working days to process all performance licences

3. The licence application process is made up of the following:

Parts 1 and 2 of the licence application form, photo of the child, letter from school authorising any absences (where applicable). Part 2 includes a declaration of health from the parent.

If the child is not to be chaperoned by a parent, the application form will name the licensed chaperones to be employed at the performance and name the Authority they are licensed with. The Child Employment Officer of the issuing Authority will contact the Child Employment Officer in the Authority where the chaperones are licensed to check their validity.

Once the licence is issued the following receive a copy:

Licence applicant, Child Employment Officer where the performance is taking place, parents, and school (where applicable).

The details of each performance are recorded on the child’s record in the central pupil database.

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