Freedom of information response

Community equipment service

Publication date: 
Monday 14 September 2020

1. Who provides your community equipment service?

2. Are riser recliner armchairs available through your community equipment stores?

3. If yes, what is the eligibility criteria?

4. If yes, what make and model are supplied?

5. If yes, how many riser recliner armchairs were supplied in 2018, 2019 and year-to-date in 2020?

6. If yes, how much do you pay per unit?


1. Essex Cares Ltd

2. Yes

3. The Care Act eligibility determination is satisfied and provision is not expected from another agency, such as the NHS.  Provision supports functional independence and / or facilitate the delivery of support arrangements identified as necessary to meet eligible needs.

4. Range of models are provided depending on need, but core item is the Accora Configure Riser Recliner Chair

5. 2018-2019:                  71

    2019-2020:                  66

    2020-2021:                  35 (year-to-date)

6. Price range differs, but Ave cost per unit:

    2018-2019:                  £417

    2019-2020:                  £435

    2020-2021:                  £574 (year-to-date)

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