Freedom of information response

Costs of changes to road - East Tilbury, Princess Margaret Road

Publication date: 
Friday 26 January 2024

I would like to request the full costs of the recent road changes and implementation of double yellow lines being painted, arguably unnecessarily, approaching the roundabout toward the George and Dragon pub.

Additionally, the speed bumps that were introduced along Princess Margaret Road, and then removed some years ago.


The waiting restrictions recently introduced on East Tilbury Road and Muckingford Road were put in place as a road safety scheme.

Prior to their introduction persons using the park area – especially at the weekends – were parking on the footway and the grass area at the back of footway.

Complaints had been received from persons who wished to use the footway as pedestrians and were unable to do so safely.

Following investigations, Thurrock Engineers agreed that this was dangerous because of:

  1. persons parking on the footway causing an obstruction,
  2. persons driving across the footway leading to damage and risk to pedestrians and
  3. persons parking on the grass which will lead to mud being brought across the footway and onto the road in wet weather which is dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles – especially two wheeled vehicles.

The restrictions were put both sides of the road along the outside of the park to prevent displaced parking causing further road safety or access issues.

The cost for this was:

  1. Advertising the Traffic Regulation Order = £200
  2. Implementation of the lining = £950

Giving a Total of £1150

This was funded from the Integrated Transport Budget which is an annual grant received from Central Government for Transport Schemes on the public highway

With regards to the Speed Cushions and 20mph limit that was introduced on Princess Margaret Road and East Tilbury Road in 2020 (and subsequently removed in 2021), this scheme was installed under Tranche 1 of the Governments Active Travel funding to encourage walking and cycling (Central Government funded). It was one of four initiatives introduced in areas around Thurrock on the lead up to Railway Stations.

The scheme was introduced under a one year Experimental Traffic Regulation Order.

The intention of the scheme was to slow vehicular traffic in order to encourage use of more sustainable forms of Transport - i.e. walking and cycling to the train service.

It was hoped that if successful at slowing traffic through the area then the scheme would be made permanent at the end of the period.  

The measures introduced for East Tilbury Station (along Princess Margaret Road and East Tilbury Road ) were a 20 mph speed limit, supported by traffic calming (speed cushions) to make it feel safer in order to encourage pedestrians and cyclists.

The experimental Orders were open to public consultation from the beginning of December 2020 until the end of the following June 21.

At the end of the consultation period the comments of support and objection were reviewed along with the results of the traffic surveys.

I can advise that for Princess Margaret Road and East Tilbury Road negative comments were received during the consultation period.

The scheme was monitored and speed surveys were carried out before the scheme was implemented and on three occasions during the consultation period to determine its effectiveness.

The results of the speed surveys indicated that drivers were ignoring the 20mph limit and that the speed cushions did not help to significantly reduce their speed.

Therefore a permanent reduction of the speed limit to 20mph could not be justified (nor would it be supported by the Police), so it was recommended that the 20mph speed limit should be removed and the original 30mph limit is reinstated. As it was also clear that the traffic calming had no significant effect in reducing traffic speed it was recommended that the speed cushions be removed also.

Both of the local Ward Members gave their support to the removal of the cushions and the 20 mph limit.

The decision was taken by the Portfolio Holder - an elected Member of Thurrock Council, the Councillor within Thurrock’s Cabinet with responsibility for Highways and Parking – to:

“remove the 20mph limit and the speed cushions completely on Princess Margaret Road and East Tilbury Road.”

  1. The cost of implementing the speed reduction to 20mph (experimental traffic order and the signing) and the speed cushions was = £47,800
  2. Survey costs for monitoring of the scheme = £1,500
  3. The cost of removing the speed limit reduction  (signing) and removing the cushions and reinstating the carriageway was = £34,171

Giving a total of £83,471

This was financed by a central government fund awarded for the introduction of Active Travel measures to encourage walking and cycling as the country opened up after the first lockdown period. 

A similar fund was awarded to all local authorities in the UK

Request reference:
FOI 13349