Freedom of information response


Publication date: 
Thursday 6 June 2024

1.    Does the local authority own and operate crematoria?
2.    If yes, which crematoriums do you own and/or operate?
3.    How many individual cremators do you operate at each site?
4.    Does the local authority own crematoria that are operated by a third party?
5.    How many cremations took place in each crematoria owned or operated by the Local Authority between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023.
6.    Please provide information about the type of fuel used in each crematoria – gas, electric or other.
7.    Does your cremator/s have mercury abatement installed?
8.    Please provide the date of installation for each of the cremators / cremation chambers used within your crematoria
9.    Do you have a date when you expect to replace your existing cremators?  If so, please provide a date for each individual facility.
10.    Have you considered installing cremators which use alternative fuels?
11.    If yes to the above, which alternatives have you considered?
12.    Do you collect data about the environmental emissions / impact from any crematoria you own or operate?  
13.    If yes to the above, please share this data with us. This can be shared in an email or attached as a document / PDF.
14.    Do you publish the data you collect on environmental emissions / impact from any of crematoria you own or operate?


Unfortunately Thurrock Council are unable to provide the information you have requested.  This is because Thurrock Council does not have a Crematorium.

Request reference:
FOI 13888