Freedom of information response

Design and Consultancy Framework

Publication date: 
Tuesday 24 March 2020

Please would you be able to tell me the following information regarding your PS 2013 638 Design and Consultancy Framework — Housing Capital Programme MM:

1.  How many consultants/consultancies were appointed to the framework?
2.  Which consultants/consultancies were appointed to the framework?
3.  What was the grading percentage split between Cost and Quality? E.g. 40% Cost, 60% Quality.
4.  What was the estimated spend for the framework duration?
5.  How much has been spent over the duration of the framework so far?
6.  What was the fee offer of the winning or top-placed consultant/consultancy?
7.  What was the quality score for the winning or top-placed consultant/consultancy?
8.  When is the framework due to end?
9.  Are there plans to renew or re-tender the framework?
10. Are there plans to tender a new framework upon completion of the current one?


1. 13

2. Please see below:

Anthony Keith Architects Limited

Bailey Garner

Calfordseaden LLP

ECD Architects

Frankham Consultance Group Limited

Mace Limited

Pellings LLP

PRP Architects LLP

Haworth Topkins Limited

Airey Miller Partnership LLP

Arcus Consulting LLP

Potter Raper Partnership

Robinson Low Francis LLP

3. 50%/50%
4. Range between 40 000 000 and 60 000 000 GDP as advertised on OJEU notice
5. £39,022.76
6. For this framework there were three Lots. Lot 1, Lot 2 and Lot 3. The fee offer was based on a model construction project and the winning fees were Lot 1 £47k,  Lot 2  £107k and Lot 3 £234k
7. Lot 1= 40.6%, Lot 2 = 38.6%, Lot 3 = 46.2%
8. As this was four year framework it has now expired
9. Not presently
10.Not presently

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