Freedom of information response

Drug and Alcohol Services

Publication date: 
Tuesday 8 October 2019

1.  Can the council confirm whether it contracts either part or all of its drug and alcohol services to the third sector?
2.  Can you provide a copy of the most recent contract agreed with that provider? I believe there is a strong public interest but, if considered commercially sensitive or in breach of data protection principles, could you provide the contract in a redacted or anonymised form?
3.  If 'yes' to Q1, which third sector organisation is currently responsible for providing opioid substitution therapy (OST)?
4.  Which year was the contract agreed?
5.  Is there any element of payment by results within the contract, either via incentives or punitive measures on condition of the provider meeting certain performance targets?
5a.) What percentage of the total monetary value of the contract is dependent upon the organisation meeting performance targets?
5b.) Which performance targets are set within the contract and which of these impact upon the total sum paid to the third sector organisation?
5c.) With what data are these indicators measured?


1. No drug and alcohol services are contracted to the third sector

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. N/A

5. N/A

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