Freedom of information response

Email Management

Publication date: 
Monday 30 December 2019

1. Can you please detail how long your organisation retains emails for?

2. How long to retain a mailbox after that staff member has left the organisation?

3. Do you limit the size of staff members mailboxes?

  • If so, how do you encourage staff to remain under this limit?

4. Do you automatically delete email from mailboxes after a specified period?

5. For audit and compliance purposes do you retain email in a separate system after they have been deleted from a staff member mailbox? 

  • If so, what is the retention period for this archived email?

6. Do you have a specific email management policy?

7. Do you have a specific mailbox management policy?

8. How do you prevent staff from using council email for personals use?

  • If staff are using email for personal use how do you mitigate against this? 

Data Protection & Emails


Have you implemented any measures technical or otherwise to prevent staff from inadvertently sending email to an incorrect email recipient?

  • If so, please detail the product used. 

10. Do you disable autocomplete?

11. Do you allow staff create local mail archives (PST or OST) files?

  • If not, what measures do you have in place to prevent this?

12. Can you send me any recommendations or reports made to your management team or ICT director concerning the retention periods for business emails?

13. Can you send me any recommendations or reports made to your management team or ICT director concerning the use of council systems for work purposes only?


1. Emails are treated as a record and are held in-line with document retention guidelines

2. Individual Mailboxes are deleted 6 months after an employee leaves the organisation

3. No

  • N/A

4. Data older than 6 months is archived

5. Yes

  • Please see answer to question

6. Yes

7. No

8. This is covered via policy

  • This is covered via policy. We also prevent access to personal E-mail sites such as Gmail etc.

Data Protection & Emails

9. No

  • N/A

10. No

11. No

  • We block users access to create them

12. We do not have any reports / recommendations in respect of this

13. This is covered via policy 

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