Freedom of information response

Enforcement of Animal health/welfare

Publication date: 
Thursday 16 January 2020

I would like to request the following information on the enforcement of animal health, animal welfare and equine legislation from 2017 to the present date.

1. Which of the below legislation do you actively enforce, and which department/team is responsible for it?

Animals Act 1971 (as amended by The Control of Horses Act 2015)

Equine identification (England) Regulations 2018

Animal Welfare Act 2006

Animal Health Act 1981 and 2002

Animal Welfare (Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018, including ‘hiring out horses’

Welfare of Animals at Markets Order 1990

Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 2006

2. Do you have a dedicated resource for animal welfare and/or animal health legislation and, if you do, how many people does this include?

3. How many times were the pieces of legislation listed above enforced for equines, if not possible could this be given for all animals, (if possible, could this answer be given separately for each piece of legislation) in:
o 2017 =
o 2018 =
o 2019 to-date =

4. If known, could you state the cost associated with enforcing this legislation for equines (or for all animals if not known). This could be either in total or, if possible, separately for each piece of legislation for the below dates. If this is not feasible would you be able to give an approximate total figure or state as an approximate percentage of your total budget?
o 2017 =
o 2018 =
o 2019 to-date =

5. In the event of a disease outbreak, what resources do you have to trace animals and control the spread of the disease? Are these resources equally available for all livestock and equine species?

6. What training do those who are enforcing this legislation receive, including anything specific for equines?

7. How many years’ experience, on average, do those who are enforcing the legislation listed above have with equine specific legislation or working with equines?


1. Trading Standards are the team who would cover the legislation below for Thurrock Council as required. As an intelligence led team we respond to complaints and enquiries using the most appropriate legislation for that matter. It depends on a case by case basis as to which legislation would be used for enforcement depending on the individual circumstances.

 2. No

o Nil
o Nil
o Nil

Not known
o Not known
o Not known

5. This would be on a case by case basis and we would receive instructions from DEFRA and APHA on the required level of activity.

6. Trading Standards Officers received 20 hours CPPD each year.

7. Not applicable

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Request reference:
FOI 9656