Freedom of information response

Environmental Information Regulations

Publication date: 
Tuesday 7 April 2020

1. For purposes of decision-taking (determining planning applications), is the Authority currently able to demonstrate a five-year supply of deliverable housing sites (with the appropriate buffer, as set out in paragraph 73 of the National Planning Policy Framework?

2. What is the level (expressed in years) of the council’s current supply of deliverable housing sites?

3. What is the appropriate buffer applicable to the council’s supply?

4. Has a Planning Inspector or Inspectors confirmed, rejected or determined the current position referred to in Questions 1 and 2 in determining any appeals?

5. If so, would you please be kind enough to provide the appeal reference number(s)?               

6. When is the authority’s new local development plan anticipated to be ready to be adopted?


1. No.

2. The Council’s latest position is set out in the ‘Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement – July 2016’ that can be viewed at:

It is acknowledged that this document is out of date and the Council intends to publish an up-to-date position statement in June 2020.

3. A 20% buffer

4. A number of recent appeals have referred to the 5 Housing Land Supply

5. Built Up Areas

APP/M1595/W/18/3218679 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3234319 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3234264 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3226476 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3231533 - Dismissed


APP/M1595/W/19/3234625 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3226259 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3235740 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/17/3188665 - Dismissed

APP/M1595/W/19/3227948 - Dismissed

6. It is currently anticipated that the Local Plan will be adopted in 2023/24

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