Freedom of information response

EU Citizens

Publication date: 
Monday 30 March 2020

1. The total number of European nationals living within the jurisdiction of the council (ie the total number of EU nationals that the council is aware of in their area) and how this number was arrived at.

2. A copy of all council communications targeting EU nationals specifically since 2016 (including social media ads or posts targeting the EU population)

3. Has the council written to European nationals in its area to inform them of their rights and options following Brexit? If yes, how many times? Please provide the letters.

4 What, if any, preparation has the council undertaken as regards European nationals within their area and the implementation of Brexit?

5. Is there a communication strategy for EU nationals informing them of the impact of Brexit? If yes, please provide me with a copy.

6. Will the council be informing EU nationals that they can vote in the upcoming local elections? How?


1. As of December 2019 11,630 people had applied to the EU Settlement Scheme from Thurrock. This information is publically available at

2. The council has not sent any communications targeting EU nationals. The council’s website has had a link to the Brexit pages.

3. No

4. The council’s website has had a link to the Brexit pages.

    The council has been in regular contact with the local CVS regarding issues locally and has provided some funding to CVS to help resource support.  

5. No. The council has not issued anything independently. The council has signposted to central government advice via the Brexit pages

6. The council will be carrying out the same process as usual for electoral registration which is set out nationally by the Electoral Commission. Details can be found at The council will promote the national information campaign regarding people registering to vote.

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