Freedom of information response

EV Charge Points

Publication date: 
Monday 20 November 2023

Please may I make a FOI in respect of the following that refers to planning within your district. I would like to know the following:

- Have you approved installation of EV (electrical vehicle) charge points for any grade 2 listed buildings and if so, how many in the last five years?

- Did you require any of those approved to submit a listed building consent application, again if so, how many of them?

- Of those approved EV charge points for grade 2 listed buildings was a planning application required, if so, how many?

- Of those approved did you stipulate the kind of EV charger, size, made, model etc and if so, what were those stipulations.

- How many EV charge points have you not approved, in the last five years, for grade 2 listed buildings?


None of the approved Listed Building applications make reference to EV charging in the descriptions of the proposals in the last 5 years. The response is 0.

Request reference:
FOI 13163