Freedom of information response

FPN for non-attendance in Sept 2020/School Data

Publication date: 
Friday 7 August 2020
  1. Does each school intend to issue a fixed penalty notice to pupils’ families for non-attendance in September 2020? - A yes/no answer broken down by the individual schools
  2. What is the school’s or local authority’s fixed penalty amount for non-attendance? - in GBP, broken down by the individual schools if applicable 
  3. Of the pupils eligible to return to school in June 2020, what percentage of pupils actually attended full time for the whole month June 2020 - broken down by the individual schools
  1. This question cannot be answered by the local authority. This is a matter for the proprietor of  the school and their decision will be made on a case by case basis in accordance with the school’s policy. If the school make an application and it meets the local authority Code Of Conduct For Penalty Notices the notice will be issued.
  2. The cost of a Penalty Notice is not variable from school to school or local authority to local authority. Penalty Notices are £60 per parent per child rising to £120 per parent per child if not paid within 21 days of issue. If the penalty remains unpaid after a further 7 days (28 days total) the local authority must consider escalating the matter to a prosecution under Section 444(a)or 444(1)(a) of the Education Act 1996.   
  3. We don’t hold this data.

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