Freedom of information response

Freehold of four properties on New Road, Grays

Publication date: 
Wednesday 11 September 2019

1. Were any of these purchases made through a Compulsory Purchase Order?

1. a) Please provide the address of those purchased under a Compulsory Purchase Order.

2. Please provide the address of each of the four properties and the price paid by the council for each.

2. a) Please provide the total amount paid for these properties.

3. Was the funds used for these purchases borrowed or from the council's budget?

3. a) Was the money taken from the proposed £9.78million budget for the redevelopment?


The freehold of the properties located at 1-3 New Road and 81-83 High Road has been purchased. The details of this are currently commercially sensitive. Leasehold negotiations are ongoing and are also commercially sensitive. Purchase of the properties was funded from the Council’s capital budget which had set aside an amount for all land purchases required under the Grays South Regeneration programme.

These properties are required for the wider regeneration of Grays and part of the much-needed investment of about £150million in the town centre from the riverfront to the Thameside complex. This includes schemes such as a planned new underpass at Grays Railway Station, new and enhanced public spaces in the town centre, new Civic Offices and new housing. It also includes plans for a much improved retail and leisure offer, together with new housing, which would be developed by investor NewRiver.

Spending committed on the Civic Offices project so far is on architectural and surveying work. It is £70,580 on the development of initial concept designs and £440,300 on surveys and architectural work. The regeneration scheme will enhance the customer experience, maximise civic and community use of the building, and set the tone for development in Grays. The development will feature new and enhanced public spaces including meeting rooms which the community can use, a new café and outdoor seating area open to the public and a new registrar’s garden for ceremonial use.

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