Freedom of information response

Interviews held for the victims of modern slavery/human trafficking.

Publication date: 
Thursday 28 May 2020
  1. The number of individuals under the age of 18 who are potential victims of modern slavery/human trafficking and have been interviewed by a Joint Investigation Team comprised of both children’s social care/children’s social services department and the local police force from April 2018 till present? 
  1. Please detail if the children's services department and the local police force in your area are co-located?
    • The term co-location to mean not only physically located together, but also the sharing of case management systems and processes. 
  2. Please provide a copy of any policy, guidance, training and/or instruction document on the use of joint interviewing for social workers and police officers in your Local Authority area.
    1. We do not currently have the reporting options to allow us to capture the requested information. The information would need to be manually collated. We receive approximately 7000 contacts a year, this request would require us to review each contact individually , which would take approximately 20 minutes each, this would equate to an excess of more than the 18 hours identified.
    1. The teams are not co-located within the definition identified.
    1. Please see the link below. The Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) is a nationally recognised framework for joint interviewing for social workers and police officers nationally and is used in Thurrock.

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FOI 9994