Freedom of information response

LOA Clarion, Affinity

Publication date: 
Wednesday 18 March 2020

A) Please can you confirm the name of the council you are replying on behalf of and advise if you hold any accounts in Council Tax for any of the below names. Yes or No will be fine

If yes:

B) 1 Please advise if you have any closed accounts that currently have credits, write-ons, or rate overpayments held on account for Clarion,  Affinity Housing – Affinity Trust, Broom Leigh, Affinity Sutton Homes, Affinity Sutton Housing; Circle Housing - Circle 33, Circle Care and Support, Circle Anglia, Mole Valley Housing in relation to all domestic Council tax and Non-Domestic Business Rates rating matters.

If yes:

C) 2 please provide the account number, full account name, full account address including postcode, occupation dates start and end, the amount of credit due.


A) Thurrock Council. Yes

B) No

C) Not applicable.

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Request reference:
FOI 9848