Freedom of information response

Local Welfare Assistance Scheme

Publication date: 
Friday 18 September 2020
  1. What was the Local Welfare Assistance Scheme budget in your local authority for each of the financial years – 2018/19; 2019/20; and 2020/21?
  2. How much was spent during 2018/19; 2019/20; and 2020/21? For 2020/21, how much has been spent so far?
  3. What type of support is available, for example cash loans, grants, and/or furniture and white goods?
  4. Do you provide furniture/white goods through your Local Welfare Assistance Scheme?
  5. If you do provide support for furniture/white goods through your Local Welfare Assistance Scheme, do you supply the item or a grant/cash to purchase items?
  6. If you provide furniture/white goods through your Local Welfare Assistance scheme, what proportion of your budget is spent on these items?
  7. Have you received any additional Government funding specifically for a Local Welfare Assistance Scheme in 2020? If yes, how much?
  8. What were the number of completed applications to the scheme in 2018/19; 2019/20; and 2020/21?
  9. How many were successful in 2018/19; 2019/20; and 2020/21?

1. The annual budget for the three years mentioned is £335,000

2. The annual spend was 18/19 £232,900  19/20 £236,000 and for 20/21 to August £143,900


In issuing our response the Council has applied S21 of the Freedom of Information Act. This means that the information you have requested is already available elsewhere so is therefore exempt from disclosure. The information is available at:

6. In 18/19 47%, 19/20 47% and 20/21 to date 46% of the budget is spent on furniture/white goods

7. The Council has been given extra funding for Covid, but, not specifically for the Local Welfare scheme. There is a discussion underway as to if some of the funding should be added to the scheme

8. Completed applications in 18/19 522 19/20 581 and 20/21 to August 383

9. Applications awarded in 18/19 215 with 73 pending at that time  19/20  225 with 78 pending at that time and 20/21 to August 112 with 45 pending

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