Freedom of information response

Market sustainability plans direct payments

Publication date: 
Tuesday 7 November 2023

Please provide a copy of the document or documents submitted to the DHSC as outlined in condition 4 of the Market Sustainability and Improvement Fund 2023 to 2024 Guidance as per the below:
“Condition 4
1.17. In addition to the initial and final 2023 to 2024 reports, local authorities must also submit a new annex to the market sustainability plans (published in March 2023). This annex will provide insight into local adult social care market capacity, and assurance that plans are in place to meet local need for different types of care. Local authorities will need to report quantitative and qualitative data on capacity by way of a capacity plan and must submit this update to DHSC by 11:59pm on 30 June 2023. The capacity plans will support local authorities in identifying capacity gaps and provide government with valuable insight into local challenges. As such, these will not be published. A provisional template is provided at Annex A.”


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Request reference:
FOI 13140