Freedom of information response

Non Fire Retardant Cladding

Publication date: 
Monday 20 May 2019

1. How many buildings does your organisation have with non fire retardant cladding?

2. How many buildings does your organisation have with non fire retardant Balconies?

3. How many buildings does your organisation have with non fire retardant balcony decking?

4. What are you doing to rectify any buildings with non fire 
retardant decking and balconies?

5. What are the main problems with the  2018 building regulations SI 2018/1230?


1. None

2. Across the borough Thurrock Council have a number of different balcony types that were part of the original construction details of the buildings. Over the years some of these areas have been enclosed with different materials and all of these have been assessed as part of the fire risk assessments. The question is very open to interpretation and therefore, we can advise there are no non fire retardant balconies in terms build type, however, some of the materials and methods used when enclosing previous open balconies requires some improvements. However, it is essential to note the fire compartmentalisation arrangements in place are adequate and therefore, works are in relation to enhancing fire safety.

3. None

4. Fire safety enhancement works include new fire proof coatings to timber cladding and improvements to free air ventilation.

5. Thurrock Council are not obliged to respond to questions asking for an individual’s opinion, we are therefore unable to provide any comment.

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