Freedom of information response

Offers of accommodation to statutorily homeless

Publication date: 
Thursday 23 April 2020

2018/19 and the latest figures you have for 2019/20 at the time of receipt of this request. Out of borough destination and household numbers only for 1, 3 and 5 only.

Regarding point 6, I am not sure this would be something we could identify. They will need to contact all the other boroughs to confirm how many placements by other authorities are made into the Thurrock area and on what basis.

1) The destination of households who have secured alternative accommodation at the end of the prevention duty. 

* By "prevention duty", I am referring to Section 195 of the 1996 Act – the ‘prevention duty’ – which places a duty on housing authorities to work with people who are threatened with homelessness within 56 days to help prevent them from becoming homelessness. 

 * By "destination," I am asking for the name of the borough the household secured accommodation in.

 * I have used the term "households", rather than "individuals," in line with how the government's terminology in its statistical output relating to out of borough placements (see Table TA1, column "In TA in another

3) Destination of households who have secured accommodation at the end of the relief duty

5) Location of final offers for households who have been owed a main duty

6) The number of households from outside the borough (those owed a relief duty, a main duty and those at the end of prevention duty) who have secured alternative accommodation, interim accommodation or temporary accommodation in your borough. Please provide the name of the council that has secured these households accommodation.  

 * As you will know, there is a requirement on local authorities to notify the ‘receiving’ authority when they place a homeless household in temporary accommodation outside of the borough is a statutory duty under section 208(2) of the Housing Act 1996: "Where a housing authority places an applicant in accommodation outside the district under any part of the Act, section 208(2) requires them to notify the authority in whose district the accommodation is situated of the placement. The notification requirement applies to all out of district placements and not just those arranged under interim accommodation duties or the section 193(2) main housing duty." 



Prevention: April 18 - March 19   Prevention: April 19 - March 20
Borough Total   Borough Total
Barking & Dagenham 1   Basildon 6
Basildon 2   Castle Point 1
Castle Point 2   Chelmsford 1
Harlow 2   Colchester 1
Harrow 1   Greenwich 1
Havering 1   Havering 2
Oxford 1   Maidstone 1
Redbridge 1   Maldon 1
Southend-on-Sea 1   Manchester 1
Three Rivers 1   Redbridge 1
Torbay 1   Southend-on-Sea 2
Westminster 1   Surrey Heath 1
Grand Total 15   Tendring 1
      Torbay 1
      Grand Total 21


Relief: 18-19   Relief: 19-20
Borough Total   Borough Total
Barking & Dagenham 1   Barking & Dagenham 4
Basildon 6   Basildon 22
Brent 1   Braintree 1
Hackney 1   Colchester 1
Harlow 1   Dartford 2
Havering 4   Gravesham 1
Southend-on-Sea 2   Greenwich 3
Grand Total 16   Havering 12
      Lambeth 2
      Maldon 2
      Medway 1
      Plymouth 1
      Southend-on-Sea 5
      Southwark 1
      Tendring 1
      Thanet 1
      Grand Total 60


We can only advise on cases placed by other authorities in the Thurrock area if they have sent a s208 referral. To get the complete picture, this question will need to be asked to all other authorities. Most s208 notifications are generic and do not specify the duty under which the placement was made.

April 2019 to date = 40 notifications received

April 2018 to March 2019 = Information not held

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