Freedom of information response

Permitted developed rights and planning law.

Publication date: 
Thursday 27 August 2020
  1. Does your Local Authority have any Article 4 Directions currently in place for HMOs? (C3 to C4).
  2. If the Local Authority does have an Article 4 Direction (C3 to C4) in place, what kind of designation is it? I.e. Borough/City-Wide, single designated area, multiple single designated areas. 
  3. Has your Local Authority formally consulted/currently consulting/planning to consult in the next/last 12 months on introducing an Article 4 Direction? (C3 to C4).
  4. If the Local Authority has formally approved an Article 4 Direction (C3 to C4) in the last 12 months, when does it come into force? 
  5. What is the best contact email address to contact the planning department to discuss matters relating to planning enquiries and Article 4?
  1. No
  2. N/A
  3. No
  4. N/A

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