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Planning in Thurrock

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Thursday 4 July 2019

1.The ecologist report on the wildlife present on the development in east tilbury and Mr X's comments on whether the actions by the developers were in compliance with council instructions. specifically interested in the survey completed for bats and nesting birds in the established trees that have been removed in the tennis court area of East Tilbury

2. the details of the allocation amount and any time clauses that effect the new build opposite East Tilbury Primary School with regard to section 106 moneys

3, Details of proposed footbridge with regard to the 545,000 set aside in the boulevards development with persimmons and when this money has ton be returned to the developer

4. Details of any work to be carried out with regard to the car park area by the memorial park and East Tilbury Primary School including the proposed cycle path on Princess Margaret Road

5. Details of where the money for proposed CCTV near the station has gone this was again shown as part of 106 agreement for boulevards development, also the visitor monitoring allocation in the same agreement

6. Details of council expenditure on parks and open spaces in Thurrock over 2018 specifically Gobions Park, Also what requests you have had from fields in trust to register fields for recreation purposes for perpetuity .

7. What has the council done with regards to measuring air quality in the Tilbury area and what results you have


1. We assume this query refers to the former tennis courts site (planning permission ref. 16/01148/FUL).  The application was accompanied by a tree survey which, alongside comments from the Council’s landscape and ecology advisor are available on-line. Assuming that it this site while no specific ecological survey was supplied with the application as a professionally qualified ecologist we did look at the site and did not consider that the trees offered suitable roosting opportunities for bats having regard to the location.  With regard nesting birds the protection is disturbance of nests while they contain eggs or young birds that have yet to fledge.  Replacement trees and other plants will be provided as part of landscape scheme. 

2. Planning permission ref. 13/01163/FUL refers. S106 agreement dated 01.04.15.  Financial contribution of £250,000.00.  25% payable prior to commencement of development.  Remaining 75% payable each quarter dependent on housing completions (£5,000.00 per dwelling). The contribution can be applied to: transport; schools; libraries; archives; community facilities; play areas; parks; sports / leisure facilities; playing pitches; healthcare; emergency services; green infrastructure; public art or land for facilities.

3. Planning permission ref. 09/50045/TTGOUT refers.  S106 unilateral undertaking dated 26.02.10.  Pedestrian Footbridge Payment (£450,000.00) payable at 100 occupations. To be used within 5 years of payment.

4. There is a condition on the East Tilbury primary School expansion application (17/01479/FUL) for changes to the car park for the recreational ground to provide improved pick up and drop off facilities for the school. Details of the proposals can be found within the planning application under plan 420 – Proposed Parking Plan DWG. A1701/425. We are awaiting the details of this to be provided, as the Authority will need to undertake a design check on the scheme and supervise the works on site.

5. Planning permission 09/50045/TTGOUT: £17,000.00 towards CCTV as part of “Highway Purposes”.  “Visitor Monitoring Contributions” total £4,746.04. The Visitor monitoring work has started as part of the RAMS works, it will be used to fund the initial surveys. Ongoing monitoring will be required as part of the review of the RAMS boundary.

6. The council has allocated £60k towards improving Gobion Park in 2018. I believe the friends of group in partnership with the community have chosen to spend that on the skate park.

7. Please see attached document

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