Freedom of information response

Policy on old tech and social contract

Publication date: 
Friday 7 August 2020

May we please ask under FOI for details on the policy about old technology and what is currently happening with the old technology from the council and from  the educational institutions you are funding.

1) In particular where the old items are going ?

2) what percentage is going to help those in the local community that can not afford computers

3) when the contract / arrangements are up for review.

4) Please provide information how your institution is addressing Scope 3 Carbon Emissions in relation with old technology as per our other 3 questions below. Further information on this can be found in this recent Bloomberg report below: -


1) 3rd party company for disposal/recycling

2) None

3) None contract in place

4) We are reviewing high carbon equipment such as printers and will be replacing them with greener ink based alternatives

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Request reference:
FOI 10106