Freedom of information response

Prepaid Card

Publication date: 
Monday 6 January 2020

Name of Local Authority:

Does the Council utilise a prepaid card solution for electronic payment disbursement to citizens?

If No,

Does the Council anticipate utilising prepaid card services for the disbursement of funds in the future?

Has the Council engaged with a provider of prepaid cards previously?

Has the Council discounted the usage of prepaid cards? If so, why?

If Yes,

What Council schemes currently utilise prepaid cards? (Yes/No)

How many cards have been issued over the last 12 months? (1/11/2018 - 31/10/2019)

What is the total load value (£) over the last 12 months? (1/11/2018 - 31/10/2019)

What is the end date for the existing contract with the Prepaid Card provider?

Who provides the Council with its prepaid card solution?

What is the cost for the Council to utilise a prepaid card solution per annum?

What route did the Council take to procure a prepaid card solution? (Directly, Framework, Tender)


Who is the person responsible for the use of Prepaid Cards:



Telephone Number



1. No

2a. No

2b. No

2c. No

2d. No

Request reference:
FOI 9626