Freedom of information response

Privately Run Children's Homes

Publication date: 
Monday 9 September 2019

1. How many privately-run children's homes (residential) have you cancelled contracts with in the last three calendar years (2017, 2018, 2019 so far)?

Please break this down by year and say the month you have gone up to for 2019. Please also say the cost of the contract and any costs incurred from terminating it.

2. How many times have you suspended children from going to a privately-run children's home (residential) due to an "inadequate" or "requires improvement" Ofsted reports in the last three calendar years (2017, 2018, 2019 so far)? Please break this down by year and say the month you have gone up to for 2019.

3. How many children were sent to children's homes run by the following private providers between 31 March 2019 and 1 July 2019. Please detail the money spent per provider and the date the child was sent there.

  • Sherico Care Services Limited
  • Parkview Care (Broadstairs) Limited
  • Lytham Care Limited
  • Beaufort Care Group
  • Beacon Childcare
  • Stanfield Care Services Limited
  • Slough Children's Services Trust Limited (09487106)
  • Silverlining Childcare Limited
  • Northern Life Care Limited T/A UBU Achieving Aspirations Community Interest Company
  • Westgate Lifestyle Project Limited
  • West Berkshire Council
  • The Rose Road Association Tees,
  • Esk And Wear Valleys Nhs Foundation Trust Tees-Valley Care Limited
  • Talbot House School Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Tab Care And Support Limited
  • T-Junction Children's Services Ltd
  • Strode Park Foundation for People with Disabilities
  • Stonelake London Limited
  • South West Mental Health Ltd
  • Skyline Child Care Ltd
  • Shyne Together Limited
  • Sherlock Healthcare Services Ltd
  • Shalamar Children Limited
  • Sankofa Care Ltd
  • Safe Base Care Limited
  • Restoration Care & Services Limited
  • R Place Limited
  • Q Plus Pine Forest Homes Limited
  • PCT Care Services Limited
  • Partnerships In Care 1 Limited
  • Park Lane Residential Home Limited
  • Oakley House Childrens Home Limited
  • Nurture Me Psychological Services Limited
  • North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Nhs Trust No. 57 Ltd
  • Netheredge Care Limited
  • Laurel Leaf Homes Ltd
  • Knossington Grange School Ltd
  • K&G Care Ltd
  • John-Edwards Care Homes Ltd
  • Ja Nailah Limited
  • Ingleside Children's Home Limited
  • Individual Specialist Care Ltd
  • Hollybank Trust 1043129 GS Social Care Solutions Ltd
  • Greenacre Care Services Limited
  • Gravitas Care Ltd
  • Footsteps To Futures Ltd
  • Fonjocks Social Work Practice Limited
  • Flourish (Gloucestershire) Limited
  • First Blue Healthcare Limited
  • Fairport Care Services Ltd
  • Elysium Healthcare Ltd
  • Dorset County Council
  • Curam Domi Solutions Ltd
  • Creating Care Choices Limited
  • Constant Child Care Ltd
  • Children Of The Mangrove Limited
  • Chaigeley Educational Foundation
  • Causeway Care Homes Ltd Care
  • Perspectives Ltd
  • Care 4 Children
  • Broadlands Hall Ltd
  • Ashwood Children's Care Home Ltd
  • Active 8 Care Ltd
  • Acorn Children's Homes (Branston) Ltd
  • A+t Home
  • A Significant Other Limited
  • 4pureheart Limited
  • We Are Beams
  • St Elizabeth's Centre
  • Solid Global Limited
  • Ronanda Limited
  • New Roots Children's Services
  • Devon & Cornwall Autistic Community Trust (t/a Spectrum)

1. None – Our Commissioning and Placements services keeps all residential placements under review, cancellation has not been required.

2. We do not routinely collate this data in a single point and it is not a searchable field within the case recording system. To fully answer this question for the past three years, we would need to look at all the individual placement records and searches (manually) for all children and young people for whom such a search was conducted and/or those in placement where an Ofsted inspection resulted in a change of rating to "inadequate" or "requires improvement". We would then also need to ascertain the Ofsted Judgements from those providers who offered a placement.  We estimate that it would take over the 18 hours available for this request to complete a response; allowing 3 minutes per record and additional time if a contemporary Ofsted report is to be reviewed and to identify any follow up decisions from the case record.

3. We have had no placements with the providers listed above between 31 March 2019 and 1 July 2019.

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