Freedom of information response

Recycling costs

Publication date: 
Friday 28 February 2020

1. Please could you tell me how much it cost the council in 2019 to sort recycling out that had been put in the wrong bin

2. Please can you tell me how many different kerbside recycling bins there are in your area?

3. Can you give me a list of results of the reviews and assessments of local air quality for 2019?


1. Thurrock Council have not had any charges for contamination in the last year and to find out the fee for a contamination it would depend on the tonnage and a multitude of factors, collating this information is likely to exceed the appropriate limit, which for local authorities is 18 hours.

2. Each household in Thurrock has 3 bins.  Blue bins for dry recyclables (paper, card, cans, glass, plastic bottles).  Brown bin for kitchen and garden waste, and Grey/Green bin for refuse disposal.

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