Freedom of information response

Service of Listed Building Repairs Notices

Publication date: 
Thursday 22 June 2023

With specific reference to The State Cinema, George Street Grays, since it was listed,

i) What Listed Building Repairs Notices have been served on past owners including Wetherspoons and the current owner?

ii) When were they served?

iii) What repair works did they specify?

iv) What time limits for completion of those repair works were specified?

v) What were the dates of on site normal monitoring checks on this listed building's condition by council officers?

vi) What was the date of the last listed building normal monitoring visit to the State Cinema?

vii) What urgent inspection visits have been made in all of this time?

viii) What prompted the need for any of the urgent visits?

ix) Unless exempt information by whom were they prompted? (to protect individual's privacy, generalise, such as 'concerned resident')


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