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Social Care Temporary Staff Spend

Publication date: 
Friday 31 July 2020

Please answer the below questions on staff spend associated to adult and children’s social care at your organisation (including all types of spend on care e.g. learning disabilities, mental health, physical disability, etc.).

1. Please provide the following information on agency1 (temporary) and bank staff spend2 for 19/20 (April 2019 to March 2020) and forecasted spend for 20/21 (April 2020 to March 2021)

1 Agency workers are defined as temporary workers supplied through an agency.  This excludes interim workers and fixed term contract posts.

2 A bank is defined as a flexible pool of workers, typically clinical, allied health care and administrative staff.  These workers can be substantive staff able to work additional shifts or non-substantive workers who sign bank contracts with the trust/CCG/Local Authority. Banks are typically seen as an alternative to using agency staff to cover shifts on a temporary basis.

Agency Spend 19/20 Forecast Agency Spend 20/21 Bank Spend 19/20 Forecasted Bank Spend 20/21

2. Based on the agency spend provided above, please provide a further breakdown by clinical and non-clinical staff

  Agency Staff Spend (£)
  Total Non-clinical staff Clinical staff
19/20 Actual Spend      

3. Please indicate the names of the top five agencies for spend on agency staff across all staffing groups in 19/20 and the spend associated to each agency if available.

Name of Agency Total Spend 19/20

4. Is your organisation considering implementing or becoming part of a collaborative staff bank3 at a Sustainability Transformation Partnership (STP)/Integrated Care System (ICS) level?

3a collaborative staff bank enables bank workers to access shifts at your own and other organisations participating in the collaboration


Please see attached documents Appendix A and B.

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