Freedom of information response

Specified Exempt Accommodation

Publication date: 
Monday 30 December 2019

You may have been sent a Freedom of Information Request recently which asked a number of questions about Specified Exempt Supported Accommodation (see Appendix

1), if you have received and responded to this question please send me a copy of your response or if you have a public disclosure log please provide a link to your response.  In the event that you have not received this request please provide an answer to questions 1 to 6 and 9 – 12 of the questions listed in Appendix 1.

2. Please provide an estimate of the gross expenditure on Specified Exempt Supported Accommodation in 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2019 financial years by the Cell Number against which the expenditure has been reported in the Council’s Subsidy Claim for that year.

3.In respect of the 2018/19 estimate of expenditure in Question 2 what is the name of each landlord in respect of which claims were paid and the total amount paid to each?

4. How many Specified Exempt Supported Accommodation cases were receiving Housing Benefit for the week commencing 30 September and how much was the weekly gross eligible rent, split by type of accommodation (eg exempt, specified temporary etc) and the category of support (eg homelessness, drug and alcohol, mental health learning disabilities etc)?


1. Please see following web link which provides the response requested:

2. Please see table below:

2016/2017 2017/2018 2018/2019
£509,418.89 £511,137.94 £562,268.15
£1,402,059.00 £1,422,025.00 £1,592,902.00

3. Please see table below:

Name 2018/2019
Hanover RSL £305,076.34
Thurrock Lifestyle solution £75,251.45
Thurrock Mind £41,222.85
Birnbeck Housing RSL £18,401.40
Thurrock Refuge £196,788.09
Akab Ltd £193,327.83
Optimal Care £4,033.94
A K Support £34,257.30
St Mungo £419,175.73
Family Mosaic £213,091.70
Sanctuary Housing £42,617.66
Care Management (Honeywood) £0.00
Myshon Limited (Honeywood) £15,345.60
Bespoke Supportive Tenancies (Honeywood) £34,312.32
Thurrock Homeless £562,268.15

4. It is not possible to identify claims and payment for a specific benefit week.

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Request reference:
FOI 9608