Freedom of information response

Stray dogs information

Publication date: 
Monday 30 December 2019

1. How many stray dogs entered pounds between 1st January 2014 and 28th November 2019?

2. How many of these were reclaimed by their owners?

3. How many were adopted from the pound?

4. How many went to an animal rescue centre?

5. How many were euthanised?

6. What happened to any remaining dogs that did not fall into the above categories?

7. Do you keep any records as to the breed of the dogs?


1. 1311

2. 388

3. Information not held

4. Information not held

5. 20

6. All stray dogs collected become the property of the stray dog warden after the statutory 7 days.  They rehome all the dogs which are not claimed.

7. Yes

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