Freedom of information response

Student compensation for personal injuries

Publication date: 
Friday 26 June 2020
  1. In the last financial year (2019/20) how much money did you pay to students, who attended school under your authority's responsibility, as compensation for personal injuries?
  2. How many individual claims did this represent?
  3. For all payments in excess of £2,000 please state the amount of compensation and a brief description of the nature of the claim, e.g. Fall from climbing frame (£2,100), Fingers trapped in door (£3,150).
  4. In relation to all claims for compensation for personal injury referred to in Q.1 how many of these claims were for injuries sustained as a result of an attack or assault from another student?
  5. What was the total compensation paid to students who were attacked or assaulted by fellow students?

Note: These 5 questions relate to compensation claims paid in 2019/20 irrespective of when the actual injury incident took place or when the claim was lodged. No details of costs and payments to solicitors are requested.

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