Freedom of information response

Supported accommodation 16-18 year-olds

Publication date: 
Tuesday 19 December 2023

I would like to find out about supported accommodation for 16-18 year-olds.

Please can you tell me if there is a need for this service in your remit, how many children are currently homed in this type of accommodation and how many will be likely to be looking for this in the next 12 months?

How many unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) in this way?

What is the average amount paid weekly to providers and who can I contact to discuss this further?


As of 9 September 2023, a total of 47 young people agedĀ 16 years-old or 17 years-oldĀ are placed in semi-Independent accommodation. Of the 47 in total, 25 are UASC.

In the next year Thurrock will require between 40-50 semi-Independent placements, which must be registered with Ofsted and in the Thurrock area. We anticipate that roughly 50-60% of these will be needed for UASC.

Request reference:
FOI 13256