Freedom of information response

Telephone system, mobile phone, procurement vehicles

Publication date: 
Wednesday 18 March 2020

Telephony System

1. What is your current telephony system?

2. How many users of the telephony system?

3. When is the contract up for renewal?

4. If it isn't a VoIP system, will that be a consideration for the next contract cycle?

5. The email address of the primary contact for this contract?

Mobile phones

1. Who is your current mobile phone provider?

2. How many mobile connections?

3. When is the contract up for renewal?

4. How long do you contract for (24 or 36 months)?

5. The email address of the primary contact for this contract?

Procurement vehicles

1. Do you procure through the Networks Services 2 framework? 

2. Do you procure through the G-Cloud framework? 


Telephony System

1. Mitel 3300

2. 2300

3. 30/11/2021

4. Our system is VoIP

Mobile phones

1. Vodafone and Telefonica (O2)

2. 1,624

3. Vodafone is individual phone contracts which vary and Telefonica is September 2021

4. 24 months


Procurement vehicles

1. The council IT area uses a number of framework models, including the Crown Commercial Services, ESPO, YPO, CPC and KCS; in addition to procuring contracts against its own terms and conditions, joint contracts tribunal or New Engineering Contract terms.

Each procurement exercise evaluates the scale of the requirement, its technology customisation level, and associated services; against the commercial benefit of using a framework over a full independent procurement exercise.

The CCS RM3808 Network Services 2 Framework is being considered actively for a number of procurement areas around Networking and Storage solutions; and direct award or further competition exercises will be taken as commercially appropriate.

2. The Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud Framework is used for a number of recent procurement exercises.

The Council IT Area actively looks towards using industry standard frameworks to gain access to the largest range of pre-qualified suppliers; and minimise contract implementation delays through the use of pre-established commercial terms and conditions.

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