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Welfare Concerns

Publication date: 
Thursday 21 March 2024

How does your out of hours children's social care team assess whether they are required to come out to attend to a welfare concern reported to them?


Each situation is considered independently. The Social Worker has to ascertain whether there are imminent risks or support needs which need to be attended to immediately or whether this can wait until the next working day. Wherever possible we consult the reporter (referrer) and/or wider agency network if appropriate.

We consider whether or not safety can be implemented by contact over the phone. We will consider protective environments and the family network. In some circumstances where there is a risk of significant harm, we would hold a strategy discussion with Police and make a decision whether a visit needs to be completed or if it can wait for to time services.

There is always a senior manager on call for the EDT Social Worker to liaise with if they require support in making such decisions.

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